T/SGT Allen Miller USAF Ret.
I was assigned to 601st TCWG det 1 (TACC) Sembach AB 1966-69
Scope dope AC&W operator
 I retired as an air traffic controller at Travis AFB, CA in 1978


Keesler AFB 1956

I'm bottom row 2nd from right

AC&W operator school


Interceptor Weapons School
Tyndall AFB, FL 1965
Bottom row, 2nd from right
A/1c Allen Miller


Intercept Weapons School
Tyndall AFB FL 1965
I'm bottom row kneeling
3rd from right


Sembach AB Germany
Det #1 601st TCWG (TACC) 1967
I'm in foreground with pointer



Road not far from Sembach 1967
Myself and wife (now ex)
S/Sgt Allen Miller