Contributed by Bob Smith:

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Bob was with the 601st at Rothwesten from 1948 until 1952


He was with the wire team. Here he is heating wax while working on a cable.



Wire team at work??


Wire team work took them to the remote sites.

Here Bob is at Winterberg.


Bob: "Since I speak a few lingos I went along with priest Father Hughes (left) to some displaced persons camps."


Building # 5

Bob's home at Rothwesten

A familiar place to a lot of us.

It was just up the hill from the mess hall.


Neil O'Riley and Bob Smith

They were boyhood friends.
Both were from Watertown, N.Y.

Neil died 2 years ago.
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Since Bob was there before many of us, I think it would be interesting to see all of his pictures, etc.. I still have more to scan and he has promised to send more.
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