The following by Charles (Chuck) Brady:

I was at Rothwesten from May 1951 to May 1954. I was a radar operator at Gunpost for 18 months. Transferred to Air Police to make rank. At that time 2nd class was about as far as you could get. Went to Obberamergau to M. P. school and returned to 601st to pull Town Patrol and Desk Sgt.



Roland Therrien and Chuck Brady



Sam Ferrinola (B Crew) and chuck Brady



Rear Gate 1953
Name Unkown
Chuck Brady


Tom Bennett (Charlie Crew)



Mason Jones



left to right:

Jack Christiansen
Chuck Brady
Bob "Cookie" Cook
Bob Cunningham
"Pappy" Nelson



left to right:

SSgt Paul Fryman



Chuck Brady at the Main Gate



SSgt Fryman, Paul Bort, Unknown



"Spaghetti Bender's Ball" at EM Club in '52 or '53