The following by Bill Hamiter:

"I was at Rothwesten from May 57 to July 59 . My duty assignment was Weapons Controller at Gunpost but I had additional duty as Air police Officer . After Gunpost was moved to Wasserkuppe , I stayed on as an instructor at the MSQ1A school .I was there with Col. Walker , Major Wolfe , Lt. Irv Dunlap , Chaplain Hunt , etc."

Bill contributed the following pictures. The first one taken in 1959 and the rest taken on a trip taken in 2001.

His remarks beside each picture.


Rothwesten Air Police Office 1959; Lt. Bill Hamiter, Air Police Officer and MSgt. Bill Stanton, NCOIC.

MSGT. Stanton retired as a CMSgt. and lived in Tucson until his death about a year ago.
I stayed in touch with him and his wife until his death.




Old Air Police office across from the 601st HQ.

Now is German Army Military Police office



This picture is of the old Officers' Club.

It is now used as Officers' Club by the German Army.



Scene on base.

I believe it is across the street from the old PX.



This building with clock was the base chapel upstairs.