The following from Carlton "Kitch" Kitchens


"I got to Germany in Nov. 57 and was stationed at Landshtuhl with the 12th Communications Sqdn.

Then was sent to the 615th AC&WRON in July of 58.

After a year there I was shipped to the 601st AC&WRON

I remained there until Nov. 60 when I returned to the states and was discharged.

I was in wire maintenance."


Bill Marts and Kitch


Kitchens and a guy he only remembers as Frenchy


Jim Mullis


Leon Johnson


Wedding day for Jim Mullis

Jim and wife in the center surrounded
by her family

Best Man Carlton Kitchens far left


A1/c Powers,  A2/c Jim Mullis
and S/SGT Santos


Leon Johnson
I asked Kitch if this were the road going up to Gunpost. He wasn't sure. He thought it might be leading to the firing range.



Jim Mullis



Carlton Kitchens with cigar and
"my VW"