The following was donated by Chuck Kuespert, a member of the 601st at Rothwesten in the early '50s.


                    left to right

 Art Leighton
Caldwell ??
                                                  Piano player unknown
                                        Chuck Kuespert
                                   Girl unknown



My room one morning
left to right

chuck Kuespert
    Local Piano Player
Art Leighton




Recognize some faces but no names



Art Leighton on the Arch de Triumph



Art Leighton and Boris



One morning

Art Leighton and Chuck Kuespert in the background



The railroad station in Frankfurt





Chuck donated a few items. Among them the Mox Nix joke book, a March 1953 transmitter and a book entitled Rothwesten 1952. I will bring these to the reunion.

I just may scan all the pages of the Mox Nix book and put them on a  page of this site.

By the way...One example of the possible rewards of signing the guestbook:
After I was contacted by Chuck Kuespert, I decided to perform a search of the site. I entered his last name in the search box on the menu page of the web site and got a hit on the guestbook. There, Art Leighton had posted an entry dated the first of July, 2000 in which he mentioned the name of his best friend Chuck Kuespert. I notified Art, he called Chuck and two old friends were united. Both were living in California.