A striking couple
Jerry and Floy Dell Lindesmith

A very brief synopsis of the career of Jerry Lindesmith


On April 21, 1942 Jerry went from Oklahoma City, Okl. to U.S. Army Air Corps Cadet training in Coral Gables, Fla., graduating as a navigator and 2nd Lt.

In  December of 1943 he was sent to Casablanca, North Africa  from Newport News, VA.  From there on to Sicily and Italy. Working with Marshall Tito and his guerilla fighters he flew 93 missions over the Balkans, dropping men and supplies during night missions, and picking up wounded.

He returned to the U.S. in December, 1944 and to civilian life in 1945.

Jerry re-entered service in 1947, returning to serve at various bases in the U.S. He was navigation instructor at Ellington, Waco and Mather in Texas.

In 1953 he was sent to Guam where he served as navigator in Air Rescue operations.

1955-58 stationed at McClelland where he was navigator for AEW&C (Airborne Early Warning and Control), flying over the Pacific.

1958-59 Attended training in ground  electronics at Biloxi, MS.

1959-62 Transferred to Celle, Germany by way of Rothwesten, where he spent a couple of weeks. He considered his tour as 601st, OL6 commander at Celle as one of his most interesting assignments.

 In  1962  he transferred to Condon, Oregon, 636 Radar Squadron. Here he served in various capacities: Executive Officer, part-time Commander, C&E Officer, Air Police Officer and Supply Officer.

While at Condon he and Marilyn added to their famiy of 2 adopted children by adopting 2 more to round out the family.

On February 29, 1964 Jerry retired as major.

Jerry has lived in Pensacola since 1966. His first wife Marilyn died in January, 1972.  He  married Floy Dell Waller, of Florence, Alabama, in June of 1977.

He retired from  American Cyanamid in 1985.

Jerry is recovering from two heart attacks and a stroke that felled him in March of 1998. He is doing well, not too agile, but is getting around with his walker.  Hopes to be at the Gulfport reunion in October.  Still loves to talk and visit with folks and seldom misses a church service of Bellview Church of Christ.



Taken in Italy in 1944 during WW2. Their plane was named Brooklyn Copper
L. to R.
William B. Corona

Homer ?

Jerry R. Lindesmith

crew chief
radio man

Jerry flew 93 missions mostly over the Balkans


L to R

Capt. Les Finkas
Bud Montgomery
Ed Byble
Lt. Geo. Gildersleeve
Lt. Joe Leonhardt



Jerry off duty



Marilyn Lindesmith



Marilyn and friend



Believe these were taken during Octoberfest in Celle
Man in red pants is Warrant Officer Bob Booth



In the middle is Leigh (or Lee) Finkas, wife of Les Finkas.



Believe the little boy on left in top hat may be Jerry's son, Phillip Lindesmith with the kindergarten class at Celle.



Looks like the same people



If anyone recognizes any of the unidentified people in the photographs let us know.

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