Below is a picture sent by Bill Marts along with the text of the accompanying letter.  I would like to  get more like this.


Dear Willie
Enclosed is a picture that was taken the first week of March (I can't remember the day) in 1961 the night I left Germany. Heidi took the picture and gave me a copy when we were there at Christmas.
The story behind the picture was Heidi had breast cancer this past year. She and her husband Charles Russell (retired army worked in the mess hall at Rothwesten) went through all the past papers and stuff you accumulate over the years. I guess one would say trying to get ones life in order and they found this picture. After 40 years it was a real surprise to get a picture like this and to remind me of the people who were very dear to me while I was in Germany.
The people in the picture from left to right - Peter ?, (lived with Heidi's mother) Heidi's mother (in the back ground), Airman William A. (Bill) Marts, Heidi Pfleging, and I don' know. Maybe someone knows who the person is on the right. We think he is a Gl.
If anyone knows Heidi's husband Charles Russell, from Highlands North Carolina, who served in the army let me know and I will give them his and Heidi's address.

Thanks for bringing back fond memories with your web site...

Thanks Again
Bill Marts


Here's another one. This one by Richard Roan. By the way, David Rich looks a bit like that unidentified guy in the above picture.

Hi guys, here's an old picture I found of David Rich and another fella, I don't remember the name.  This was at a party at my place about 1956.  Do you remember the other fellow?  dick

The bottom person is David Rich, the other fellow standing is from the North East, but I can't recall the name.



"Our janitor at Supply at Rothwesten"

Bob Boyer



Going to Algiers  51 or 52

Hi Bill,
     Not having as much upper memory as this puter I`ll try and name the guys in this photo.Starting from the left. Raymond Pike--?Gutshal--Conroy--Gomes--Boyer.  These are all questionalable. Had a bad habit of not writing names on back of photos.So I`ll say "I THINK" LOL  Hey great pics on your Web site.

                                        Bob(Red) Boyer