Francis Gosselin and friends checking out some sites.



Remember in the first page of the Old Friends section where we were marching in a German village and posing for a group picture?

We were in driving school. In this picture we are taking the exam. A European drivers license was the result.



Gosselin writing home


Harvey Syde (standing in the doorway) was at Wasserkuppe from January till December of 1946


Harvey Syde wrote:

"I am in the front row kneeling.  Next to me is Jim Papas.  Top row  with the Garrison cap is Ralph
Reyes.  Sorry the other 2 I don't remember their names."


This one contributed by Gerald Davidson.
Taken in June or July of 1951 at the EM club  Rothwesten.

Some of the fellows in the photo had been there helping control Red 10
during the Berlin Airlift.

William H. Evans, Jr.John R. VanHoltWilmer SavanaRoland J. GouletBuston E. BairdDwain A. MasonJoe R. BarkleyCharles L. CoxLilly M. CobinessThomas E. MillerD. L. DeglowGeorge E. CunninghamJoaquin D. TrevizaGeorge A. Reggie Roger E. BoikeMarvin C. CroweN. RobbinsGerald F. CarsonWillis F. CavanaghKent D. BuchananMason B. Jones, Jr.Donald P. WilliamsHarry J. GergelyMack C. McDanielsLyndal D . WillardDonald L. BrownJohn E. CoxSam FarrainolaVincent A. PerricaneTed F. RiedelJack R. WilmarthRobert A. Schowengerdt William F. DrewRichard R. HumbertRichard D. WestLeonard W. PucciCharles I. GoffredoJim DowningGerald W. DavidsonPaul N. HillmanRobert Thomits

Internet Explorer users can place the mouse cursor over each one and see his name.

Front row, left to right:William H. Evans, Jr., Wilmer Savana, John R. Vanholt, Roland J. Goulet, Buston E. Baird, Dwain A. Mason
2nd row: Joe R. Barkley, Charles L. Cox, Lilly M. Cobiness, Thomas E. Miller, D.L. Deglow, George E. Cunningham, Joaquin D. Trevize, George A. Reggie, Roger E. Boike
3rd row: Marvin C. Crowe, N. Robbins, Gerald F. Carson, Willis F. Cavanagh, Kent D. Buchanan, Mason B. Jones, Jr., Donald P. Williams, Harry J. Gergely, Mack C. McDaniels
4th row: Lyndal D. Willard, Donald L. Brown, John E. Cox, Sam Farrainola, Vincent A. Perricane, Ted F. Riedel, Jack R. Wilmarth, Robert A. Schowengerdt, William F. Drew
5th row: Richard R. Humbert, Richard D. West, Leonard W. Pucci, Charles I. Goffredo, Gerald R. Davidson, Jim Downing, Paul N. Hillman, Robert Thomits