This page contains scans of some old postcards with photos of the Rothwesten air base dating to the Nazi regime. We owe Mr. Bernd Niesel who is the curator of the Museum Währungsreform (Museum of Currency Reform) for the loan of the postcards, and our friend Silvia for her work constructing the Powerpoint presentation for us to see at the 2008 reunion. Silvia's presentation also included pictures of the buildings around the base as they are today.


The main gate

<>The next one zooms in on the wall



Established in the years 1934-35 under the regime of Adolf Hitler



The statue of Icarus

Here referred to as a flyer's monument



Officers Club
Rear view



Officers Club
Side view



Officers Club Lobby

Bust of Hitler on the left

Swastika in right window

The swastika can still be seen today although somewhat camouflaged



Officers Quarters



Enlisted Mens Club








They had a zoo





View of Fuldatal