Remember when going from the base to Kassel? The bus (duece and a half) pulled up to the right of the bahnhof and if you looked to the right you would see:



You could go to the left into the bahnhof








You could go right and then down the stairway to the street below to the Dugout.




Or down Kurfürstenstraße (where the bus is in this picture), turn right on Ständeplatz to go to the Pächer.

I remember my first time walking down this street. There was no vehicular traffic because the street was cluttered with the remains of the buildings that were destroyed by the bombings.



The Pächer

A popular watering hole where the elite did not meet.



I used to visit every one of these.

My favorite was the White Horse.

I liked the oompah music and "der Gemütlichkeit".

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