Tom Baptist of the 615th contributed the following photos.

The first one is of his graduating class at Keesler (4 Nov, 1957).
He has added names to those he remembers and where they were stationed in Germany.


1 Kenny Qualls
  603rd Langerkopf
2 Von Lindsay
   604th Freising
3 Frank Zinicola
   615th Prüm
4 John Stull
   615th Prüm
5 Tom Baptist
   615th Prüm
6 Joe Oppedisand
  603rd Langerkopf
7 Roger Van
   604th Freising
8 William Gassman
   615th Ptüm
9 Arthur Tennison
    604th Freising
10 John Russell
     603rd Langerkopf



Tom Baptist



615th AC & W Bravo Crew Radar Operators

Richard Winchester
Jerry Wells
Robert Brewer
John Stull


John Stull and Robert Brewer



Radar Operator Robert Brewer crosstraining with
American and Canadian Officer 1959.



3 day
pass in Paris. 1960
L to R:

Stu Broder
R. DeJonghe
Tom Baptist


Fraulein in Koln during 1958 Fasching



Barracks 1959. L to R:
Barry Lynch
Fritz ?
Frank Mikita


615th AC&W Radar Antennae, 1959