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  A look inside the Higgins boat



German MG-34 Machine Gun and Lafette Tripod

Developed in the early 1930s, the Maschinengewehr 34, or the MG-34, was the primary machine gun for German ground forces at the outbreak of World War II. The MG-34 fires the standard German 8mm Mauser cartridge at a rate of 900 rounds per minute. When properly positioned and sandbagged in, the Lafette Tripod mounted MG-34 delivered supremely accurate fire. Ideally, the gunner would pre-determine targets, such as bottlenecks,where attackers would tend to bunch up. Once the attack would begin, the gunner could remotely fire the weapon without exposing himself to direct enemy fire.

German Flak 37 88mm Dual Purpose Gun

The 88mm Flak gun is one of the most famous guns of World War II. Originally designed as an anti-aircraft gun, the flat trajectory, high muzzle velocity and range of this gun also made it the best anti-tank gun of the war. Allied soldiers faced and feared this gun in every campaign in the North African, Mediterranean and European Theaters. It was responsible for a great number of the casualities suffered by both tank and air crews.



German Air Raid Shelters

Concrete structures such as these were designed to protect German workers from Allied bombing attacks, and were thus generally concentrated throughout railway marshalling yards or other routinely bombed industrial targets. Weighing in at five tons apiece, the conical design proved to be cheaper and more effective than underground shelters.The Germans also built structures similar to these on a much larger scale, able to accommodate up to 500 people.


Gene Smith seeking shelter


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