A quote by Al Gerek:

          "Detachment #3 at Rothwesten was located out past the gym on part of the old German
          runway. Many guys that were stationed at Rothwesten had little or no knowledge that there
          was a radar site right on the base. We were also known as a Target Directing Post."

          Detachment 3 moved to Celle in October, 1956 and became Detachment 6.


Detachment 3 communications vans located on the flight line


Above: Randy Rankin
Left: Al Gerek
Right: James (Jim-Tex) Blackburn

What was that location called?
The Boar something.


Family Housing Area

Left to right:
Glenn Rockwell
Bill Lewis
Bob Paich


Randy Rankin

Detachment 3
Air Policeman

Photo taken near the fire station


Jim Mutt

Rothwesten 1956
Taken near the back gate


 Ralph Simpson

Not far from the base


Bob Paich

Det. 3 Radio Operator

Reading a letter from home