Some miscellaneous photos



A mini reunion in April, 2005
This was taken at Fred Dantzler's farm in Harleyville, SC
That is Fred on the left, Hart Forrest in the middle and Al Adkins on the right.

Left to right:   Don Reed, George Franklin and Whiskey Bennet.

Don writes:  I was in the radio station adjacent to the DF station at Gunpost for about 6 months in 1956. I left there in April or May of '56 for home. I had spent '53,54,55 at the Wasserkuppe where I was in charge of the DF site. there was no radio station at Wasserkuppe apart from the vhf link back to Gunpost and the SCR 522 in the DF van. In Rothwesten I spent a lot of time with Bill Raneo and Ron Rando. who I have recently reconnected with, thanks to your site. I was A/2C at the time so it must have been in late '53.


Ernest K. Rhodes

I was stationed at Rothwesten from June 1951 to 1954 with the 601st as a Radio Mechanic and later with Detachment 3,


Jim Dioneff (Rothwesten 54-56) and his radar crew

Bottom row: Haim Landman, Lt.Coleman, Lt.Phillips, George MacMeke, Ruben Schultz

2nd row: Osvaldo Santiago, Gray Fink, Jim Dioneff, unknown, James Joyce

3rd row: Unknown, Charlie Flack, John Sullivan, John Martin

Top row: Clyde Ronfelt, Charlie Glover, John Blankenship, Unknown, Dan Wilson

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