The 2010 601st-615th reunion in Santa Fe.
There will be two pages of members, spouses and guests.

Credit all pictures to George Biscoe, the
association's official photographer.

And credit the sucess of all 601st-615th reunions to Fay Dickey, the organization's
Secretary and Reunion Coordinator. She has dealt with difficulties that probably   
would have overwhelmed most, but continues to demonstrate an unselfish devotion
to her position.

Margie and Francis Gosselin

Francis is the association president.
He may not be the most eloquent,
but a workhorse.

Judy and Jerry Sharp

Alan and Ilsa Kitchen

Robert Arsenault

Bill and Nan Slamin

Renate and Terry Troy

Art Leighton

Margaret and Jim Canada

Kathy and Bill Hollerman

J B and Lucy Vaughan

Ry Mohon, Jim Swalley, Barbara Mohon
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